Thursday, 22 Jun 2017

All about Samsung Galaxy S IV 8 core processor

Samsung has recently launched Galaxy S IV that is powered by Exynos 5410 processor that has right cores. Samsung Galaxy S IV is an Octa core smartphone, which is amazing. Most people are unaware of these terms such as dual core, quad core, octa core, etc. Though quad core is offen perceived to be better that dual core and octa core the best among all three. This article is about understanding these terms and their functions.

The difference between the cores can be explained in numbers of processing cores. The quad core has four, the dual has two and the octa core has eight processing units. The number of cores does not necessarily determine the speed of performance. The speed depends of the application that is being executed.

Samsung Galaxy S IV

Galaxy S IV has eight core powerful processors but the Smartphone uses only four core at a time, depending on its work load. However, all cores cannot work simultaneously at any point of time.

There are two different types of cores present in the Galaxy S IV processor.  Of the eight cores, four are high-performance and run at 1.8GHz, making them very powerful. They are based on A15 architecture from the British company ARM. These cores will be used when playing games with heavy graphics or 3D games. This allows Samsung to give you a whole new gaming experience.

The other four cores in Galaxy S IV are based on A7 architecture that run at 1.2GHz and are comparatively slower, however they are more power efficient. These cores will be used during work like such as making a call or sending an SMS. This helps use the battery efficiently.

This technology used in Exynos 5410 is known as big. LITTLE and provides users with the best balance of battery life and performance.

To improve its Graphic performances, Samsung Galaxy S IV has a powerful graphic chip. It has three chips of PowerVR 544 cores that run at high speed to make your 3D gaming experience more enjoyable.

All the Samsung Galaxy S IV features appeal to a wide range of users. Stay tuned for more interesting details about Samsung Galaxy S IV.

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