Wednesday, 28 Jun 2017

Five reasons not to buy a Smartwatch | Totally Worthless Gadget

Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Microsoft almost everyone is working to build a unique Smartwatch nowadays. But the Question is do we really want a Smartwatch?

Well let’s look at some reasons that will make you think about the Smartwatch once again-


1)Smartwatch have very limited functionality. Who would like to spend extra bucks on it just to get notifications and for other simple tasks on their wrist? Well I guess the answer is Nobody. It is expensive as compared to its functioning, and buying a Smartphone in this range is always a better option.


2) All those people who love to see things on a large screen with clear view, It will definitely not appeal them. Due to Smartwatch small screen size it becomes very difficult to read messages and other notification.

3) Well if you think Smartwatch can replace Smartphone, then you must be kidding me. It can never replace a Smartphone, as it requires only few seconds to get to your Smartphone, where you can have the access to everything. Whereas on the other hand, Smartwatch provides very less functions.