Wednesday, 28 Jun 2017

Samsung Galaxy S IV vs Apple iPhone 5 | Who’s the Ultimate King of Smartphone Market

When buying a Smartphone we do a lot of research work  and the first two Smartphones that strike our mind is Galaxy S IV and Apple iPhone 5. Both the phones are outstanding in their own way. When the two high tech phones are in the market then the comparison is bound to happen. So let’s us look at the various specifications and features of both the phones which will help us to decide which one is better.

Samsung S IV vs iPhone 5


Samsung Galaxy S IV has 5 inch SuperAmoled screen with 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution and 441 ppi pixel density. Whereas on other hand iPhone 5  has Brilliant 4-inch retina display with 640 x 1136 pixels resolution and 326 ppi pixel density. We can clearly see that S IV has larger screen with better resolution than iPhone 5. People who want large display panel can go for Galaxy S IV whereas iPhone 5 has 4 inch screen which is better for one-handed use and is easier to carry. So it’s entirely a matter of one’s personal choice.


Storage is one of the important feature that we need to consider while choosing a Smartphone. Both Galaxy S IV and iPhone 5 comes in three options for internal storage that is 16/32/64 GB. But when we talk about the RAM then S IV takes the lead. S4 has 2 GB RAM, on the other hand iPhone 5 has 1 GB RAM which is exactly the half of it. S IV provides the feature of microSD card slot through which you can expand the memory whereas there  is no such feature in iPhone 5. So in terms of Storage Galaxy S IV is anytime better.


The iPhone 5 is much thinner and lighter than Galaxy S IV, making it easier to hold and carry around. The body of Galaxy S IV is made up of plastic whereas iPhone 5 has aluminium body. So overall  iPhone 5 has great design with better quality making it better than S IV . In terms of Display iPhone 5 rules the Smartphone market.


Talking about the processor Samsung Galaxy S IV has  Exynos 5410 processor with 8 cores on the other hand iPhone 5 has Dual-core 1.2 GHz processor. Both the processor are good in their own way so comparing them will be difficult. Galaxy S IV and  iPhone 5 provides the user with outstanding performance and speed. So it’s a Draw.


Samsung Galaxy S IV has 13 MP Primary camera and 2 MP Secondary camera while  iPhone 5 has 8MP primary camera and 1.2 MP secondary camera. So it is clearly visible that S IV has overall better camera. Both the phones have almost similar features like autofocus, LED flash, paramona, HD recording. So in terms of camera we can say Galaxy S IV is a better choice.


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