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Moto X three new features leaked | Release Date and Specs

Moto X in one of the most anticipated smartphone of Motorola till date. Web is full of rumors about this smartphone. Recently three new always-on features have been leaked named as always-on voice command, dynamic notifications, gestures that will quickly open the camera. All these features sound very innovative and interesting. Let us see more about these Moto X features.

Moto X three new features leaked

Always-On Voice Command

With the help of this feature most of your work will be done through simple voice command. Without turning on your device you can do various stuff like unlocking your smartphone, accessing Google Now, Dialing a contact, or opening any apps. This will help people to have a better smartphone experience while driving.

Gestures to Launch Camera

Now users will be able to open the camera with the help of double twist gesture without unlocking the display. So this feature will please many photographers, as they can now instantly access the camera without any difficulty. Camera is one of the most important feature of a smartphone. So Motorola is working hard to bring a good quality camera in their upcoming smartphone Moto X. Rumors related to its camera includes Clear Pixel technology, image stabilization that will enhance low light pictures, blur free video recording and much more.

Moto X Release Date and Specs

Dynamic Notifications

In dynamic notifications an icon will come on screen related to its nature. For example if you have Gmail notification then a Gmail icon will come on the display. Well this leak suggests that Motorola is planning to use AMOLED panel as it will comsume less battery than the LCD display. Showing an icon for any small notification will comsume more power, so Motorola has to keep this in mind while designing Moto X.   

Moto X release date is just around the corner. It is expected to be in August, 2013 most probably 23 August, 2013. This will be a budget- friendly smartphone, but will surely give a huge competition to other high-end smartphones in the market. So let’s wait and watch, what else Motorola is planning.   

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