Thursday, 22 Jun 2017

Motorola X leaked Specs, Release Date, Price and Features

Motorola X is one of the most talked about Smartphone now days. There are many rumors which are creating a buzz in the Smartphone market. According to the latest tweet, few specifications have been disclosed. Some of them are:-

Motorola X

It is expected to have a 720 pixels resolution display, whose dimensions are still not known. It will be powered with dual-core Krait CPU which will be clocked with 1.7GHz. According to the above spec, this Smartphone is expected to perform decent. It will have MSM8960 Pro chipset along with 2GB RAM. It will have an internal storage of 16GB. Information about the microSD card slot is still not known. But most probably it will not have an expandable memory.

Well one aspect where Motorola can be better than all other mid-range Smartphone is its camera. It is said to have a 10MP high-resolution camera along with 2MP front camera. It will unquestionably provide its users with razor sharp pictures. Users will be able to enjoy high-resolution video chatting.

There were rumors that it will be the first Smartphone to run on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. But all those who have taken this rumor seriously, they will be quite unhappy to listen this. According to latest report, it is said that it will run on Android 4.2.2.

Well earlier Motorola chief Dennis Woodside said that they are working on a hero device known as Moto X that will have lot of sensors. Sensors will be used to tell its users when their phone is pulled out of their pockets and another one will show the speed of a car and all the relevant information.

Motorola X release date will be in October and is expected to carry a price tag of Rs 16,999. No information about the pricing has been officially disclosed. It is just an assumption, let see how close we are to this assumption. We will keep you updated with all information, till then stay tuned. 

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