Wednesday, 28 Jun 2017

Reasons Not To Buy HTC One | Problems in HTC One

This article will provide you with some of the solid Reasons Not To Buy HTC One.  For all the HTC One lovers, this article may dishearten you as it will deal with Problems in HTC One.

Reasons Not To Buy HTC One

Reasons Not To Buy HTC One : Screen

HTC One has 4.7 inch screen. In the world of phablets HTC One is still continuing to make small display panel. HTC competitors like Samsung has recently launched mega 5.8 and 6.3 inch screen Smartphones. For most of the people 5 inch screen is perfect as it gives better viewing experience along with enjoyable gaming experience. Larger the screen better the viewing experience.

Reasons Not To Buy HTC One : Display

HTC One has super LCD 3 display. With so many latest new screen like OLED, HTC is still sleeping. It’s time for HTC to wake up and bring the latest display to their smartphones. Its competitors like Samsung has provided super amoled display which has amazing viewing angle in their smartphones.

Reasons Not To Buy HTC One : Storage

HTC One comes in two versions of 32 and 64 GB which can’t be expanded. So this is one of the major drawback of the smartphone. Now a day’s customer friendly Smartphone is the first priority of all the phone makers. It seems that HTC One is following the footsteps of Apple by providing unexpandable memory. How can a user decide how much memory they will need in advance?

Reasons Not To Buy HTC One : Battery

HTC One users can not change the battery due to its packed back panel. As we all know that efficiency of battery decreases if we use it for long time. So it is recommended to change the battery so as to increase its effective battery life. So HTC One is definitely not a long term Smartphone.   

Reasons Not To Buy HTC One: No Voice Dialing

HTC One doesn’t provide voice dialing over Bluetooth. I don’t know one thing that when we have this technology then why HTC is not using it.

To know more about HTC One go here. So after reading all the Reasons Not To Buy HTC One, are you still planning to buy HTC One?