Thursday, 22 Jun 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to launch with four different models? | A rumor which is hard to digest

Rumors about Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is spreading around the web at a very fast pace. Till know you must about read about the rumored specs and features of Galaxy Note 3. But today I am going to tell you one of the most latest and the weirdest rumor that is revolving around Note 3. According to reputed sources, we have got to know that this time Samsung is planning to ship Note 3 in four different versions. The purpose of this is to give customers flexibility while buying Galaxy Note 3 in terms of its camera and screen. Let us look at the difference between these four models.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to launch with four different models

The top most model will come under a category of limited edition. It will have a high-resolution 13MP primary camera, unbreakable AMOLED display and will be made from high quality material. This one will be more expensive than rest of the models.

The second model will have regular AMOLED display panel. The third model will have an LCD display panel and the last one will have 8MP camera instead if 13MP camera.

As you can clearly see there is not much difference between the models. Reasons for different model are still not known but according to me Samsung wants to make Galaxy Note 3 available to every level of customers due to the price difference among them. Well this rumor looks very vague till now. We have to wait and watch, whether it is true or it is just a rumor. We will soon update you with more news and rumors, till then stay tuned.

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