Thursday, 22 Jun 2017

Temple Run 2 Review |Take the Idol If you dare

Temple Run 2 is a running game in which you have to swipe to save yourself from giant monster .It is  based on the same concept of Temple run which was a big hit in the market, but with a twist. Temple run 2 has much challenging hurdles than Temple run such as  roller, cart mine, rocks ,Steamy rivers, Rope , blind turn,fire,bridge and much more.

There are various character such as Guy Dangerous ,Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones, Karma lee each unique  in their  own  way. You can unlock the characters with the coins that you collect on your way.Each character has different abilities that you can update with the coins. Let us look at some different abilities or you can say power up of each character such as Coin value which increases the value of coins after few meter , Shied Duration which protect you from different obstacles that come on your way , Coin Magnet which collects coins automatically like a magnet. Boost Distance as the name suggest it gives you a boost for few meter, Power meter which fills your meter faster, Head start which gives you a  boost at the beginning of the game.

If we talk about the graphics then temple run2 is designed in a much creative and attractive way than temple run. Overall, Temple run 2 has brilliant graphics which will be rejuvenating for the users.

To  keep the game interesting and even more challenging there are various objectives that you need to clear to enter the new level  like Bonus Items which means Collect 20 bonus items, Allergic To Gold in which you have to run 1000m collecting no coins and many more.Temple Run 2

Best thing about Temple Run 2 is that every age group will enjoy playing it but be aware it is addictive.So what are you waiting for pick up your Smartphone and download free Temple run 2 from the android or iTunes market and take the dare to take the idol.

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