Wednesday, 28 Jun 2017

Top Upcoming smartphones in 2013 that you might consider buying

This year Apple is planning to announce two iPhones in September, whereas Samsung and Google is also planning to announce their respective smartphones in August. When we are talking about smartphones then how can we forget Sony and LG. Well all I can say is that buyers will have a tough time while selecting a smartphone. So, in this article I will tell you top Upcoming smartphones that you might consider buying.

Apple iPhone 5S and budget iPhone

Upcoming smartphones Apple iPhone 5S and budget iPhone. This year Apple is planning to announce two iPhones instead of one. First one will be an improved version of iPhone 5 whereas second one will be a budget iPhone. According to rumors both the smartphones will launch in September, 2013. So this time instead of one user will have two options while buying iPhones. iPhone 5S will have similar external design so it will look almost similar to iPhone 5. It will be powered with A7 processor that will make its performance fast and fluid. It will run on iOS 7, which is the latest version of iOS. 5S will have dual-LED flash along with a fingerprint sensor.

Upcoming smartphones iphone 5s

If we talk about Budget iPhone then it will have a plastic body blended with glass fibre. This will reduce the cost of iPhone. It will be available in wide variety of vibrant colors like yellow, white, blue, red and black. It will run on iOS latest version iOS 7 and will have A5 processor. It will be equipped with 4-inch display panel with fair resolution. It is expected to have 5MP primary camera. Price of this budget iPhone is expected to be around $250. So based on your budget you can buy either of them. Both have impressive specs according to their pricing. If you have already purchased iPhone 5 then I would suggest you to wait for iPhone 6.

Upcoming smartphones budget iPhone