Wednesday, 28 Jun 2017

Upcoming Smartwatch: Apple iWatch specs, release date, features

Apple iWatch

Fresh rumours about Apple iWatch are being spread in the market. According to sources iWatch is ahead of the concept stage and has entered the design stage, with group of 100 people working on it. Wearable technology have been a focus for many phone maker like Sony, Google, Microsoft as it will soon be one of the best technology. Only time will tell whether users will like this technology or not.  

All about Apple’s iWatch specs that we know so far :-

To ensure iWatch is comfortable to wear, it will have 1.5 inch touch-screen with curved glass display, making it easier to wrap around a wrist. It will get connected with your Apple devices like iPhone and iPad with the help of Bluetooth. This will let the users to carry out mobile job without taking out their iPhone out of their pocket. So it’s a smart way to do the required task.

iWatch will provide you features to check messages, read social updates like your Facebook and Twitter post and you will be able to control music with the iWatch. Now that’s sounds interesting. Whether you will be able to make a call or not, is still a Question.

Apple iWatch