Wednesday, 28 Jun 2017

World first mobile Samsung LPDDR3 RAM announced by Samsung | Super-high-speed RAM

Samsung LPDDR3 RAM

Samsung Electronics today announced the world foremost, super-ulta-high speed four gigabit mobile Samsung LPDDR3 RAM, that will bring performance of Smartphones to a whole new level.

Samsung LPDDR3 RAM performance will be nearer to the typical DRAM found in laptops and computers.

Samsung today remarked that: “By providing the most efficient next-generation mobile memory with a very large data capacity, we are now enabling OEMs to introduce even more innovative designs in the marketplace.”

So this clearly shows that Samsung is working on something big and innovative.

This whole new RAM will improve the performance by 30 percent and will also helps in power consumption up to 20 percent.

Well this seems to be one of the powerful RAM. Let’s wait and watch what other Smartphone makers have to say about this Samsung LPDDR3 RAM.